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Probiotic cleaning products : There are 2 products.

Probiotic cleaning products

Aqua Clean Concept, your on-line specialist in natural cleaning products, invites you to discover a revolutionary solution to ecologically clean your home: probiotic detergents.  

We often talk about probiotics in the area of food. In internal use, it balances our intestinal flora and boosts our immunity.  They are also essential in the cleaning industry. Used regularly, probiotics stop the multiplication of bad bacteria in your home.

Aqua Clean Concept, therefore, suggests cleaning your interior thanks to these natural cleaning solutions that our team has hand chosen after convincing tests.

Clean your floors

The probiotic detergent for your floors is essential to remove grease without toxic additives for your tiled and other surfaces that resist water. It acts very effectively when cleaning dirt and traces lodged in the joint. The more we use it, the more we notice decrease in the development of bacteria. The probiotics also eliminate bad smells and give a brightening welcome to your home.

Universal cleaner

A little less aggressive than the floor detergent, the probiotic universal cleaner allows you to purify everything in your home. This all-purpose cleaner is particularly efficient on all highly stressed surfaces like cabinet doors or the inside of a refrigerator. It is used in places where bacteria multiplies the easiest like the bathroom, kitchen, or any other high access areas.

Are you interested in our probiotic cleaning products?

Don’t hesitate to contact our Aqua Clean Concept team through our on-line form to ask your questions  or better yet, order and try yourself. We will do our best to answer your questions as quickly as possible.  

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